May 31, 2002
Latest show line up now available in the Upcoming shows section.

May 17, 2002
We have changed Servers and now have the capability of PHP and MySQL...expect great things in time.

April 27, 2002
Upcoming Shows updated - New ECCW dates coming.

October 28, 2001
Updates on Tony's Bio and Upcoming shows section have been added.

October 4, 2001
Can you smell the excitement in the air, Tony has just released his latest video tape. Take a look in the merchandise section on how to order volume 3.

September 26, 2001
The Latest installment of Tony's diary is up. It has a bit of a serious tone to it but it will all help us understand how rough it has been for Tony in the last while.

August 30, 2001
The WCEW tour has been rescheduled for September, check out all of his upcoming dates in Alberta. And Tony and I would love to mention how flattered we are that some Ref in Alberta decided the design was so good he needed to steal the graphics for his own....Tony and I would like to thank you, glad to see you are his #1 mark.

August 8, 2001
His Bio has been updated along with his current list of upcoming shows.

July 24, 2001
The fire is lit under Tony's Career. He has a tour of of the Canadian Prairies (debuting for Western Canadian Extreme Wrestling) and the East Coast of the US in the month of August, be sure to check out his upcoming shows to see where you can see him next. Tony has also written another excellent diary for you all to read.

July 6, 2001
The latest happenings in Tony's life are up to read in the diary section.

June 29, 2001
The latest version of Tony's upcoming shows have been posted.

June 12, 2001
WWF bound, Tony has been booked to work for the WWF in the month of July. He is also booked to head out to Florida which could me he is preparing for a busy summer.

May 29, 2001
Tony's Career is on fire yet once again. He has updated his upcoming shows with a total of 12 new ones and look for more to be added in the future.






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