"Tornado" Tony Kozina
Birthdate: 10-23-70

Home: Portland, Oregon

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 174lbs.

Wrestling Style: Aerial/Lucha

Titles held:
-NWA World Jr.Heavyweight (X2)
-NWA Canadian Jr.Heavyweight (X2)
-NWA-PNW Jr.Heavyweight (X6)

* Trained initially by Billy Jack Haynes in the summer of 1996. Began co-hosting the 'Inside the ring' wrestling radio show with Haynes soon after, as well as refereeing for Championship Wrestling USA inVancouver, Wa.

* Trained further by Matt Borne throughout 1997, and helped Matt train students at Borne's "North American Westling Asylum" Wrestled first match against Oly Olson Jan. 26th 1997 in Vancouver, Wa.Tony lost the bout.

* Continued co-hosting a wrestling radio show once Billy Jack quit. Matt Borne took over the show in March 1997. Eventually Borne quit the show as well, and Tony ran the show with various guests for the next year including Bart Sawyer.

* Began wrestling for ECCW/NWA-PNW in April 1997, and started developing a daredevil ariel style in matches against Torch.

* Back in CWUSA, was attacked repeatedly by "The Clique", (Col. DeBeers, Buddy Wayne and Richie Magnett) in an effort to scare him out of the wrestling business. Tony withstood the beatings and adapted a more agressive ring style.

* Began wrestling for the Kafoury's Pacific Coast Wrestling in August 1997 where he scored some impressive wins over The Raptor, Sumito, and Richie Magnett.

* Got in, perhaps a bit over his head, when he accepted Bart Sawyer's offer to team with him against then PCW tag team champions Matt Borne, and Brian Cox in September 1997. Sawyer, and Borne were violently feuding at the time, and Borne didn't take kindly to Tony teaming with Bart. In the much antisipated match, Borne expressed his anger by pressing Tony overhead, and throwing him out of the ring, over the top rope, and off a stage that the ring was placed on. Tony fell approximately 17 feet to the floor below. As Tony crawled back into the ring, Brian Cox did the same thing to him. Tony injured his wrists, and ribs, but missed only 2 weeks of wrestling.

* Recieved a shot at then PCW Champion Bart Sawyer in Nov.1997 after beating Chad Manning, Richie Magnett, and winning two battle royals within two months time.

* Caught the eye of Rey Misterio Sr. who signed Tony to a deal with the Pro-Mell lucha libre promotion when they came into Oregon state. Tony ended up teaming with Misterio Sr. in a bout in Hillsboro, Or. in Feb.1998.

* Formed a tag team-- The Portland Connection-- with Chad Manning, and came very close to capturing the ECCW/NWA-PNW tag team titles from The Army of Darkness in a series of brutal encounters that lasted throughout the spring, and summer of 1998.

* The team with Manning broke up after repeated attempts to win the ECCW/NWA-PNW tag titles failed.

* After going solo, in September 1998, captured the ECCW/NWA-PNW Jr. Heavyweight title from Torch. Kozina was declared the first ECCW/NWA-PNW Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

* Traded the belt with Torch four more times over the course of twomonths.

* Lost the ECCW/NWA-PNW Jr. Heavyweight title to The Ladies Choice in Jan. 1999.

* Tony returned to the states to train for his rematch against The Ladies Choice which was to be in February 1999. Went to PCW, where he defeated Young Glory, and veteran Buddy Wayne. It marked the first time that Kozina had ever beaten Wayne by pinfall.

* After beating Buddy Wayne cleanly in McMinnville, Or., traveled to Tacoma, Wa. the next day where he wrestled for Cascade Championship Wrestling, and pinned Nick Allen.

* A prepared, and determined Tornado Tony Kozina returned to Canada, and pinned The Ladies Choice to claim the ECCW/NWA-PNW Jr. Heavyweight title for a fourth time.

* In March, Kozina traveled to California, wrestled for World Grand Prix Wrestling, where he ripped through their Lucha Libre division to become a top contender. He publicly challenged the WGPW Lucha Libre champion, "The American Wildchild" to a title fight on the WGPW television show seen throughout California, but because of a scheduling conflict has not returned yet to wrestle for the championship.

* Has formally issued a challenge to NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight Champion "Showtime' Robby Royce. ECCW/NWA-PNW Commissioner Dave Republic, petitioned the NWA Board of Directors. It resulted in an agreement by the NWA championship committee to sanction a match between Kozina, and Royce, this summer, although the date is still undisclosed.

* At the upcoming Northern Hell Tour 99, Kozina will attempt to defend his ECCW/NWA-PNW Jr. Heavyweight title 13 times in 16 days. This, inspired by the 1986 Great American Bash schedule by then NWA World Champion Ric Flair is an attempt by Kozina to get publicity for his upcoming showdown with NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight Champion RobbyRoyce.

* As Kozina headed into the ECCW/NWA-PNW Northern Hell Tour 99, rumors surfaced about both All Pro Wrestling in California, and The Pacific Wrestling Federation, in Washington state wanting to acquire his services.

* Completed the grueling Northern Hell Tour with title in tact after outlasting the likes of Torch, Strife, Chance Beckett, The Prophet, The Ladies Choice, and Disco Fury. The final count; 19 defenses in 31 days. After his final title win, shot an interview for a Cranbrook, B.C. television station and said that the NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweghit Champion had nowhere else to hide. Kozina also slammed NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Logan Caine, saying that 19 defenses in 31 days is the schedule of a real World Champion.

* The NWA responded to Kozina's request, and accomplishments by granting him an NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight Championship title bout scheduled for June 26th in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

* Suffered a surprising loss of his ECCW/NWA-PNW Jr. Heavyweight title to rookie Disco Fury in Maple Ridge, B.C. on May 13th when Fury countered Kozina's top rope frankensteiner to score a clean 3 count in a triangle match with Kozina vs. Torch vs. Disco Fury.

* Came back two nights later to claim a fifth ECCW/NWA-PNW Jr. Heavyweight title after he flattened Disco Fury with a 450*"Tornado splash" to score the pinfall.

* Traveled to All Pro Wrestling in May 1999, and wrestled two nights in the Bay area, impressing promoter Roland Alexander, and getting himself an open invitation back to APW. Also impressed Alan Bolte, photographer, and writer for Wrestling World magazine, and Bolte did a photo shoot with Kozina for a future edition of Wrestling World magazine.

* From APW went to Los Angeles to wrestle for a small Lucha Libre organization. Caught the eye of several Lucha Libre promoters who were interested in his potential abilities.

* Listed in the NWA Junior Heavyweight division rankings as number 3. Only World Champion Logan Caine, and Canadian Champion Robby Royce ranked higher than The Tornado in the NWA's official rankings.

* After doing internet interviews for the NWA fanzine, SLAM Canadian wrestling sports website, and several others, The Tornado travelled to Winnipeg and on June 26th defeated "Kool Daddy Swing" Tony McGuire, and NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight Champion "Showtime" Robby Royce in a triangle match to capture the NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweght title.

* Rumors surfaced about Stampede Wrestling being interested in bringing Kozina to Calgary to wrestle for them.

* As of July 3rd, 1999 "Tornado" Tony Kozina moved to number two in the NWA junior rankings. Only NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Logan Caine ranked higher. ECCW/NWA-PNW Commissioner Dave Republic continued to lobby the NWA championship committee for a one-on-one bout with Kozina and Caine at the NWA "Battle of the Belts" on September 25th in Charlotte, NC.

* In a surprising move, Kozina vacated the ECCW/NWA-PNW Jr. Heavyweight title on July 23rd in New Westminster, B.C. He said that he couldn't commit to staying in the PNW area for the next few months, and that he would concentrate on defending the NWA Canadian Jr. title throughout Canada, continuing his campaign for the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

* Turned back the challenge of "Kool Daddy Swing" Tony McGuire, his first challenger for the NWA Canadian Jr.Heavweight title. Kozina defeated McGuire in one-on-one encounters on July 24th in Nanaimo, B.C., and again in Victoria B.C. on July 25th.

* As of July 3rd the NWA ranked Kozina at #3, down one from the previous month. By August 11th, Kozina had dropped to #4 in the NWA Junior rankings, behind Twiggy Ramirez, and NWA Georgia State Jr. Heavyweight Champion Air Paris.

* Kozina responded by going back on the road for two weeks, and defending his NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight title in incredible fashion. The Tornado outlasted the very best in CWF/NWA Canada, and ECCW/NWA-PNW in four-way dances, and triple threat matches from Regina, to Kamloops. Kozina also came away with victories in singles bouts against Torch, and against newly crowned ECCW/NWA-PNW Jr. Heavyweight Champion The Ladies Chioce.

* August 18th saw Tony Kozina debut for the Bad Boys of Wrestling in Billings, Montana, with a hard fought victory over Torch.

* Kozina traveled on to Alberta, Canada where he debuted for Can-Am Wrestling. Kozina held his own for three nights in Grande Prarie, Edmonton, and Red Deer, before travelling back to British Columbia to resume his scheduled title defenses.

* Kozina heads to Charlotte, North Carolina and is first to the ring in a 12 man Royal Rumble rules battle royal with the winner to face NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Logan Caine. Kozina nearly comes away with the win, but is the last wrestler to be eliminated by Twiggy Ramirez, who won the event with an assist from his manager. Impressed with his performance and determination, both NWA President Howard Brody, and NWA Vice President Bill Behrens agree to book a one-on-one match with Kozina and the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion before the end of the year.

* Kozina meets with WWF talent scouts for the first time before the Unforgiven Pay-per-view event in Charlotte, North Carolina.

* Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranks "Tornado" Tony Kozina at number 341 in the yearly PWI 500.

* Kozina faces Can-Am Mid-Heavyweight Champion The Black Dragon for Kozina's NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight title. Kozina retains his title after two victories via dq.

* In a stunning upset, Kozina loses the NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight title to Buddy Rose Jr. in New Westminster, B.C. on Nov. 12th in a horribly bloody match. Rose who had mocked Kozina for weeks was given the title shot at Kozina's request even though he was clearly over the 215lb. weight limit set by the NWA for the junior heavyweight division. The mostly one-sided match saw The "Tornado" unleash a vicious attack opening a gash on Rose that would later require 10 stitches to close. With the help of Beautiful Bruce, and a metal floor scale which Rose used to hit Kozina in the head with, Rose secured a 3-count and was awarded the title.

* Kozina falls to number 12 in the NWA Junior Heavyweight rankings for Nov. 22nd.

* Rumors arise that NWA East/PWX promoter Jim Miller is trying to grant "Tornado" Tony Kozina an opportunity to wrestle for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship in a four-way dance in Pittsburg. The pressure builds for Kozina who is told by the NWA that he first must regain the NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight title to have a spot in the bout.

* Kozina defeats Buddy Rose Jr. in Victoria, B.C. to claim a second NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight title. In a show of respect, TORCH, Havoc, and Juggernaut enter the ring to congradulate the new champion and hoist him on their shoulders parading him around for all to see.

* The "Tornado's" campaign for the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight title continues and the fan support is clearly visible as the NWA message forum is literally swamped with postings concerning Tony Kozina and the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

* Kozina signs for only one title defense in the month of December as he stays home to rest and begins training for the possible World title showdown in January.

* The NWA ranked "Tornado" Tony Kozina at #3 for Dec. 21st. Only NWA 2000 Heavyweight Champion Twiggy Ramirez and NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion "Big Time" Vince Kaplack ranked higher.

* Tony makes the Top 50 indy wrestlers list for whoowrestling.com for Jan. 1, 2000 ranking in at #49.

* Kozina travels to Pittsburgh to wrestle for NWA East/PWX. On Jan. 14th, 2000 at the Wrestleplex, The "Tornado" pins Vince "Big Time" Kaplack clean in the ring with a roll up into a bridge to capture the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight title. The two shake hands in a show of mutual respect as the crowd gives them a standing ovation.

* Within the first eight days as Champion Tony defends the title against Croc Hunter Kaplack, Vince Viper, Disco Fury, and holds off The Black Dragon twice by dq in their first series of title bouts.

* With offers beginning to mount, Kozina signs to wrestle in ECCW/NWA-PNW, (British Columbia, and Washington state) All-Pro Wrestling, (California) World Power Wrestling, (California) Portland Wrestling, (Oregon) and Pacific Northwest Championship Wrestling (Oregon). The west coast tour schedule has 17 shows in 29 days starting Jan. 27th and ending Feb. 25th. 2000

* After defeating Disco Fury in New Westminster, BC on Jan. 21st is attacked by "Gorgeous" Michelle Starr, and "Loverboy" Johnny Canuck - The Glamour Order of Disipline (GOD). They beat Tony with a garbage can, and superbomb him throught a table as a message of protest to NWA-PNW commissioner Dave Republic, NWA/CWF promoter Ernie Todd, and NWA President Howard Brody over recent treatment, and Ernie Todd's refusal to grant Michelle Starr a title shot against NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion Crusher Carlsen. Kozina escapes serious injury from the attack, but experiences pain in his hand, kidneys, and neck throughout the following week.

* Travels to San Franciso for APW and defeats APW's premire high flyer Jardi Frantz by pinfall to retain both the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight and NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight title.

* Talks with Rey Misterio Sr. and several Lucha Libre promoters about bringing the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight title to Mexico sometime this summer.

* Gained a measure of revenge against "Gorgeous" Michelle Starr when he pinned Starr clean in Newport, Oregon and again the next night in Corvallis, Oregon for the weekend debut of Pacific Northwest Championship Wrestling.

* NWA UK expresses interest in having "Tornado" Tony Kozina defend the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight title in England at the end of February 2000.

* Signs with NWA UK to compete in the TransAtlantic Wrestling challenge and travels to Southampton, UK for the two day 16 man elimination tournament. Kozina makes it to the final four beating Psycho Steve in the first round. Jon Ryan in the second round. Gets a decision over NWA Worldwide TV Champion "Prodigy" TJ Grey after a draw. Pins Kory Williams of The New South tag team in the third round. In the semi-final round Kozina is pinned by SINN (Chris Champion) and eliminated. SINN goes on to pin former NWA World Champion Gary Steele in the final bout to win the tournament.

* Spends the month of March wrestling in his home state of Oregon for both Portland Wrestling and Pacific Northwest Championship Wrestling. While home Kozina trains for the first leg of the upcoming Northern Hell Tour 2000 where he is scheduled to defend the NWA World Jr. Heavyweght title 11 times in 13 days against a wide variety of opponents. Some of which have joined the NHT 2000 from other NWA promotions specifically for a shot at the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight title.

* During the Northern Hell Tour, controversy surrounds a title match between Kozina and NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight Champion Disco Fury on April 11th in Fraser Lake BC. The referee counts both men's shoulders to the mat and stops the match. After careful consideration the match is re-started and again both men are counted out. The match is stopped for a second time and once again re-started. After almost 20 minutes, Kozina scores a decisive pinfall following a tombstone piledriver.

* With the birth of the ECCW-IWA Japan relationship, Kozina, ECCW/NWA-PNW commissioner Dave Republic, and IWA Japan officials begin talks in an attempt to bring the NWA World Jr. Heayweight title to Japan for a series of title defenses later in the year.

* Complete's an intense road schedule for ECCW/NWA-PNW working both the Northern Hell Tour and the Kootney Kaos Tour. The final figure is 23 title defenses in 37 days.

* The NWA website announces that Kozina will travel to Manitoba, and Ontario to defend the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight title on a tour in the month of July.

* NWA/CWF tour falls through and Kozina stays in the northwest getting involved in a heated feud with ECCW newcomer Rockford 2000. The two battle throughout British Columbia in the months of June and July.

* July 22nd 2000, Rockford 2000 defeats Kozina to capture the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight title in a cage match in Surrey, BC.

* ECCW opens a second House of Pain wrestling school in Portland, Oregon with "Tornado" Tony Kozina as head trainer. * The lobbying begins for a series of rematches against Rockford 2000. But with recent losses to both Bulldog Bob Brown Jr. and Torch, and a 20 minute draw against Havoc, Kozina is given only one rematch in the month of August in Nanaimo, BC.

* After failing to regain the title in a rematch against Rockford 2000 on Aug. 25th in Nanaimo, BC, Kozina faces Rockford once again the next night in New Westminster, BC. With the orginal referee knocked down temporarily a second referee heads to the ring. Kozina executes a German suplex on Rockford 2000 with the original referee counting Rockford's shoulder's and the second ref counting down Tony's shoulder's. The title is declared held up by ECCW/NWA-PNW commissioner Dave Republic until the tape can be reviewd by NWA officials.

* After the tape is reviewed by both ECCW/NWA-PNW commissioner Dave Republic, and NWA Vice President Bill Behrens it is decided that the original referee's decision would stand and thus the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight title was awarded to "Tornado" Tony Kozina for a second time.

* NWA Vice President Bill Behrens informs Kozina that the challenger for the NWA 52nd anniversary show will be former Champion Vince Kaplack, and the two are scheduled to meet Saturday Oct. 14th 2000 at the Nashville Fairgrounds.

* Vince Kaplack defeats Tony Kozina to win a second NWA World Junior Heavyweight title in Nashville, TN. on October 14th after reversing a top rope frankensteiner into a sunset flip.

* Kozina defeats Count Monsterod Von Hugenstein to become number one contender to the NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight title.

* Faces The Asian Cougar from IWA Japan for the Japanese Independent Cruiser Class Championship in Nanaimo, BC on Nov. 23rd, 2000. They wrestle to a 15 minute draw.

* Kozina makes it to the finals in ECCW"s first annual Pacific Cup Junior Tournament. The final match see's Tony Kozina vs. Havoc vs. Asian Cougar. Asian Cougar walks out the Pacific Cup 2000 Champion.

* ECWA promoter Jim Kettner invites Tony Kozina to the prestigious ECWA Super 8 tournament set for Feb. 24th in Wilmington, Delaware.

* Kozina scores a huge upset when he pins UPW Heavyweight Champion and the 2000 Super 8 tournament winner "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels in a non-title match in Auburn, Washington. Kozina countered a powerbomb with a legdrop to the back of Daniels head which he had injured a week earlier on WCW Nitro. He then unleashed a new finishing move called the "Sky-Twister" to score the pinfall.

* Continuing to build momentum for the ECWA Super 8, Kozina defeats IWA Japan's Asian Cougar in Nanaimo, BC

* Feb. 24th 2001 ECWA Super 8 Wilmington, DE. Jayson Reign defeats Tony Kozina in just over 14 minutes to eliminate him in the first round of the tournament.

* Kozina does a phone interview for Pro Wrestling Illustrated, and several more for various wrestling websites.

* Makes it to the finals of the NWA-PNW Junior Heavyweight tournament after defeating Adam Firestorm and "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. The final match is a three-way dance between Kozina, Disco Fury, and Scotty Mac. Scotty wins the tournament after pinning Disco Fury. It is immediately announced that Kozina will face Sotty May 26th in Vancouver, WA one-on-one for the title.

* Travels once again to ECWA where Tony finds himself in another three-way dance- this time with Jayson Reign and Reckless Youth. After an incredible effort by all three wrestlers, Jayson Reign walks out the victor.

* Faces the legendary Sabu in a wild encounter in Eugene, OR at "Anarchy at Piper's Pit".
The action spills over the ringside barricades into the rows of people, and after chairs are thrown, and tables are broken Sabu wins with a camel clutch. In a rare show of respect, Sabu helps Kozina to him feet and shakes his hand.

  * Recieves a dark match tryout with the WWF on July 2nd in Tacoma, WA defeating "Heartthrob" Buddy Wayne.

* Competes in NWA Florida's Super Junior Open in Tampa on July 10th losing in the first round to "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.

* After challenging repeatedly throughout the summer but coming up short, finally defeats Scotty Mac for a 6th ECCW/NWA-PNW Jr. Heavyweight title in Vancouver, WA on July 21st 2001. Immediately states that he wants another crack at the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

* Faces Sabu in wild rematches in both the U.S. and Canada for ECCW/NWA-PNW.

* Faces NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight Champion "Mr. Showtime" Chance Beckett and appears to have him beaten for the title when Kozina is attacked by American Dragon causing him to lose the bout.

* Signed to face the PWF Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Red in Pottstown, PA and the NWA New England Jr. Heavyweight Champion in Malden, Mass. in the month of August as well as wrestle for NWA Jersey.

New Entries
* Controversy erupts in Pottstown, PA on August 15th, 2001 when Kozina faces PWF Jr. Champion Red, and IWA Jr. Champion Billy Bax in a title unification match-up. While it was made clear to promoters that Kozina's NWA-PNW Jr. title was not on the line, Billy Bax who won the match grabbed the northwest title and declad himself champion. The internet websites reported this title change adding to the confusion but later corrected. Kozina still remained NWA-PNW Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

* Kozina tours throughout the northeast US facing Chris Chetti in New Jersey, defeating Jayce North in Boston and challenging Billy Bax for the IWA and PWF Jr. titles in Reading, PA which ended in a 20 minute draw.

* Along with Juggernaut and Dr, Luther invades Western Canadian Extreme Wrestling in September 2001. While Luther and Juggernaut take the tag belts on the 1st night, the plan foils when Luther and Juggeraut's interference in Kozina's title match with WCEW Crusierweight Champion, Highlander backfires and Kozina gets pinned. Juggernaut and Luther attack Tony after he tells them "thanks but I'd rather do the wrestling by myself."

* Contiunes touring through Alberta and Saskatchewan and after an impressive list of victories receives another shot at the WCEW Cusierweight title in Calgary. This time a triple threat match against Highlander and newly crowned Chamion "Hotshot" Johnny Devine. Devine retains his title after pinning Highlander.

* October 4th NWA rankings lists "Tornado" Tony Kozina as the number one contender to NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Lex Lovett.

* Was scheduled to partisipate at the NWA 53rd anniversary show in Tampa, FL for the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight title in a 5-way frenzy with Jason Rumble, Jimmy Rave, Brandon K and World Champion Lex Lovett. Kozina, who couldn't make the date was replaced and Jason Rumble walked away with the title.






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